It´s friday!!!!


Thats me today!!!! Looking forward to relaxing & having a lot of fun. Are you doing anything exiting this weekend? Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Pretty ladies with tattoos tat







I sometimes wish that I could get a lot of tattoes without it being a problem. But not only does it not fit my career-I know that I would get bored with them. It is so hard to find a piece of clothing that you would proudly wear in 20 years & tattoes are not that different. We can never know if we will love that Disney character, that rose or dragon for life. You chose it and now you wear it-& its pretty hard to get rid off. Can you even get rid off it??? As in gone without a scar? Instead I do admire the ladies that can carry them without it being a problem & hopefully without ending up hating them.

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Are you cold?

Denmark is getting cold & I´m looking for the perfect jacket. The prices don´t really match my budget, but with the winter sales coming up I might get lucky.

Moncler Gamme sæl

Moncler Gamme Rouge

These two first styles from Moncler have a furprint. What a cute idea!


Moncler Bergenie


Moncler Aurone


These other two styles also by Moncler has a classic bouclé look, that you wont notice straight away that it´s a down jacket. Again, what a great idea!



Acne Rita Shearling Jacket


The last two lamb skin jackets by Acne studios is both warm and cool. If I could pick one of all these jackets it would be one of these. But of course they are by far the most expensive ones.

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Honey I´m home/ Mr. Nelson Mandela is now home.

Hi you guys,

Lately I haven´t had much time for fashion, but recently friends have been encouraging me to start blogging again. So I´m back and we are gonna have some fun.

I will start by making everybody cry though. I can´t help writing a little bit about Mr. Nelson Mandela. Every time I see a picture or a Facebook status about Nelson Mandela, I feel like crying. I knew that he was about to leave this world since he was in his 90´s, but there is something sad about beautiful personalities leaving us even though I believe in life after death ( and no we shall not discuss that right now-haha). It´s funny how a person can touch your heart so much without ever meeting them-it´s not very rational is it? But in my feelings defense, I would say that a person that beat the odds and changed history like Mr. Mandela did, do deserve our love.


I really appreciate your ” I have a dream” speech. Hahahahaha.  I am sure Paris Hilton didn´t write that tweet, but it sure was funny and kind of evil as well to write it in her name.


It´s not you it´s me…

I have been really busy lately with a new job & some cool new projects. I am leaving for a while to give time to new things. Thank you all for visiting my blog my darlings. Wish you all a great summer!!!!







Dreaming of Havana

I have never been to Cuba, but I´m certainly going some day. Looks so beautiful-don´t you agree?

Havana1 Havana2 havana3 Havana4


Not perfect at all, but it looks like it has soul.

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The weekend in pictures

Hi Guys!

I have been caught up in a lot of work, but now I´m back with some pictures from this past weekend.


I went to a demo that had the message that we in Denmark are able to take care of the 200 or more refugees from Afghanistan that the government are about to deport. It is so inhuman & a violation against the UN human rights. These people are in danger & did not arrive here by airplane og a nice cruise. God knows what these people have been through to get to Scandinavia…


I also went to my favorite cupcake place ( I´m not really into cupcakes, but these are something special) Serenity Cupcakes. The owner is such a sweetheart & the place is so cute. There are nice china & always fresh fashion magazines.



I was wearing my new white Nike Airmax & a Zara skirt I bought last summer.

945420_10151920932104768_167479841_n 217049_10151920931354768_72414319_n

My hair is growing rapidly & I can now have a ponytail. Here I´m wearing MAC morange lipstick.



Saturday night I went to a blockparty in a cool street in my old hood. As I walked home I saw this tree that had these amazing big flower buds. Today I saw they are in full bloom. Beautiful!!!

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Funky blogger Hilary Tsui

One of my favorite bloggers is Hilary Tsui-an actress, model, shopowner & socialite living in Hong Kong. Her style is really cool with a generous touch of wackiness. Have a look:

hil hila hilar hilary hilary1

For more Hilary Tsui visit her here.

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New in

My in laws just came back from Rome & luckily for me they brought me something from one of Italy´s finest design. My favorite brand for kitchen items is Italian Alessi & my dear in laws remembered & got me this:

alessi1 alessi

Looks so small in this picture…hmmm it´s not.



And how did they know that I just finished my last Eight hour stick?!!! I have great in laws!


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More home decor


I had to look twice at this sleeping grizzly bear bean bag. Cute don´t you agree?

bird clips

Lovely idea if you ask me

Børge Mogensens jagtstol

Amazing chair called “Jagtstolen” ( translates to hunters chair) by Børge Mogensen-Danish design icon. Would love to own this.

cubic doormat

Cubic doormat

Good dog door mat

Odd doormat.


I would love to buy a daybed. This one by Housedoctor is perfect as the leather just keeps getting prettier as the years go by.



Cute cups called mugtails.



Also looks cute with a tealight in it.

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