Author Shahrnush Parsipur


Parsipurs book filmatized


Pics from the movie by Shirin Neshat ” Women without Men.”


This is a woman I truly admire. As a european I think, that we don´t often enough get to know artists from other parts of the world, which is such a shame. Shahrnush Parsipur is from Iran and is very well known there due to her controversial work. She is not afraid of breaking taboos and after publishing “Women without Men” which adresses women´s lives in Iran and their conditions the government banned all her books and she was also put in jail several times because of her work. So even though she is regarded part of Irans most influential authors she was forced to leave her homecountry to be able to make a living. She is now living in USA where she has been working at several universities have been teaching Iranian Studies and she is still writing, but due to the diagnosis manic depressive she has been forced to slow down. You can download some of her work for under 10 dollars on her webpage here, which is obviously a steal. Some of her most popular works are in the magic realistic genre and actually the visual artist Shirin Neshat filmatized “Women withtout Men” and won the silver lion for best director at the 66th Venice Film Festival. The movie is such a treat. The story and then having a visual artist make the movie. Just stunning.

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