Isn´t this Frida Kahlo doll just awesome?!!!

I am not too grown for toys yet so I am glad that I can buy them for my children. I love toys that stimulate my kids minds.


Fx this Frida Kahlo doll encourages to a talk about art and feminism. If the child is a little too small for that talk it at least tells the child that it is normal to have a unibrow-there I said it-I think you can be stunning  with unibrow, crocked nose and a huge forehead. Anyway I think it is nice too see dolls that isn’t “barbiedollperfect” which I think encourages to a disturbed self-image among kids. Those kind of dolls project that beauty is big doe eyes, skinny bodies and glossy long hair. That is too sad because we can’t all look like that. The brand that make this doll also sell a bunch of other funny and stimulating toys such as the above. And it is definitely not only for children. A lot of their stuff will look good on a shelf. I found some of my favorites from the webshop that you can find here at: Unemployed Philosophers guild.

Pablo Picasso doll

Obama doll


Jane Austen doll

Sheakespearean insults mug

Darwin play set


Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard fingerpuppet

These Freudian slippers are hilarious to me.




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