Copenhagen Fashion Week

Last week was Copenhagen Fashionweek as many of you guys know. It went by fast. Here I will show you guys my pictures & thoughts.

The first pic´s is of cool people at the David Andersen show:

Nice pink touch in this girls hair.

In this photo is dj Thomas Madvig, Uffe Buchard & singer Karen Rosenberg is sitting with the big earrings.

Singer Karen

love her look

Neon hoodie & neon/zebra creepers

Stine Goya guests:

I was lucky to meet Trine from trineswardrobe-whom I have written about earlier. She was so very nice & ofcourse looked great. Check out the shoes, the coat-i love that lenght & her hair is gorgeous.

Look at those hats-the coloured one is from Stine Goya. I would not mind having that one in my wardrobe.

Love that she mixed red colors.

Pretty lady with a very nice coat.

Mads Emil from Creol brothers & friend in gorgeous coat.

Christian Stadil-owner of the brand Hummel.

Fiona Jane from Spotding. She is also a looklab blogger like Trine and has sooo much style & was also so very nice.

Stine Goyas collection was awesome. As always pretty prints, large knits with great silhuettes and there was this jacket…actually two that were absolutely fabulous. I will try to find them later to show you guys.


The cool brand R/H from Finland was also present at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Benny Bee aka Mr. Le Fix. Benny and i go way back. We were competing a lot at taekwondo tournaments & yes we were bad ass ; ) You can check out Bennys cool brand here.

Jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf. If you don´t know her design I suggest you check it out-it´s very urban & oh so cool. See for yourselves here.

My friend Anne? She also have a lot of other titles such as cand. comm, multimedia designer, hunter in her sparetime & dogtrainer-how cool is that??!!!!. The question mark is put there on purpose as she has been known as Anne Hvem (translates to Who)as long as I can remember.
David Andersen show 

A lot of my pictures came out really dark because of the collection was primarily black & very Lisbeth Salander. I really liked a lot of the items especially a lot of the black ones were perfect for layering.


This one I crave.

Great look & pretty model. You can´t tell right here, but she has this gorgeous mouth. Trine from trineswardrobe used her for Edie´s Eyes.

This I like!

Notice the sleeve
Such a cool & fun urban collection from R/H with a lot of great details.
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