The Rug Company

Vivienne Westwood rug for the Rug Company

In my neighborhood there is the fabulous store called the Rug Company. They have stores around the world & make handmade rugs. I have a thing for handmade rugs. My father had a big interest in handmade rugs & used to sell them when he lived & traveled a lot in arabic countries. He was born in Afghanistan where they have proud traditions when it comes to handmade rugs. The come in so many beautiful variations and some of them are too precious to step on if you ask me. Once he showed me some silk rugs in Istanbul & their color, texture & image was so pretty-pure art.

Back to the Rug Company-they have their own designers & they collaborate with great designers & empires such as Alexander McQueen, Marni, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith & Disney. I think the Rug Company really is on to something. Beautiful contemporary (they also do classic ones) designs & true craftsmanship in one. Also the rugs are made  in Nepal & they use a monitor system to make sure that children are not doing the work.

You can visit their webpage here

Eva Zeisel with one of her rugs. I would love to own that one.

Giles Deacon

Giles Deacon in Sunday Times

I love that he made a fence & barbed wire. I wonder what was on his mind when he got that idea.


They also sell cusions. Fx they have several with Alexander McQueens skull & their Disney ones are also too good to be true.

All pictures were found on The Rug Companys webpage.


2 thoughts on “The Rug Company

  1. dejafashion says:

    LOVE the peacock feather coming down the stairs! Absolutely stunning, and so original!
    Great post, really enjoyed it.
    x x

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