Afghanistan from it´s pretty sides

Yesterday my dear father would have been 72 today if he was still among us. Because I always think a lot of him on days like this I also get inspired by him. Therefore a post  about art & fashion from Afghanistan where he was born. Some of you are probably thinking that I don´t look like my parents are ethnic afghan, but those of you who have read Khaled Hosseini´s “The Kiterunner” know that Afghanistan is filled with different cultures & etnicities. I am ethnic hazara like the servant in the book & his son Hassan. The main theory about this group is that we are originally mongolian ( You might remember Mongolia´s Djengis Khan was rather brutal in year 1200 & conquered a lot of land which let to a lot of mongolian settled in these countries ).It is a highly stigmatized ethnic group & have been that for a very long time. And while we all know Afghanistan for the many wars, opium, heroin & the talibanwarriors, the country has a lot to offer. Well maybe not for your next vacation, but you know what I mean… In my last post I mentioned handmade rugs which is a huge industry in Afghanistan.

love the colors in this picture.

Photo from DAC ( Danish NGO)

photo by Wendy Philips

This rug is a classic bokhara from Afghanistan. Not my favorite, but they are beautifully made & keep the floor warm.

Look at the details!

Art was banned under the taliban. Only islamic caligraphy and such was allowed (which is also stunning btw.) All kinds of artist either fled the country or stopped working. Still it can be dangerous because the taliban still have power.

Mud sculpture called “Scream” by afghan artist Marzia Nazary

Afghan painter Meetra Bashiry

Afghan painter Arezoo Waseeq

Fashionclothes were also not approved by taliban. Women had to wear the burqa outside their house & women were not supposed to wear makeup & dress up But ofcourse the women did not stop dreaming about clothes. There are tradition for a lot of colors, sepuins & such.



necklace: jewelry in Afghanistan are also often with a lot of colors & are rather big. Especially party jewelry can be huge. I love to watch people at weddings-everybody wears a set jewelry-necklace, ring, earrings that match.


I also have to mention that in 2003 two years “after taliban”  an “Afghan treasure” was revealed. It had been hidden by the National Museum of Afghanistans director in 1988 under the Soviet occupation. They had been in danger of being sold & the talibans as you know liked to ruin artwork cf. the Buddha Statues of Bamiyan. The artifacts have been around the world on an exhibition.

Golden pendant from the exhibition

Gold crown also from the exhibition

Asian & Middle Eastern countries have a lot to offer when it comes to art & fashion. I would love to travel more of Asia & the Middle East…


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