Nice & lazy sunday

I didn´t show you guys what I bought a little while ago on sale at topshop so here it is:

The top & necklace is from Topshop-& the cardi is from Ralph Lauren sport.

Today I was sleeping in after watching a boxinggalla instead of a movie last night. Husband use to be a amateur boxer and one of his favorites (Vitali Klitschko) were boxing. I am very much into martial arts so I also find boxing kind of fascinating (not the noses though). I would like to learn to hit like that. Good boxers know exactly were to hit & how to put all their energy into it. Don´t get me wrong I am not into violence, but I like sports: it has a lot of technique & timing to it. Anyway it all turned into a caveman thing. You know boxers like to get in each others faces before the fight for the press? One  of them crossed the line and slapped the other in the face. Meanwhile the opponent ( Vitali Klitschko) is not only a WBC champion he also has a phd & as a true sportsman (and a wiser person) he waited to the fight and won. The other guy though ended up threatening to shoot another boxer afterwards at the pressconference-what a circus & what a jerk.


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