If you are going to the US…

This is for the non-americanos-cause it is old news to you. Often when danish people travel in the US, they go to stores that they have seen in movies like Macy´s, Saks & Barneys. But these stores are expensive compared to what you can find in the US. My advice is to rent a car so your mobility isn´t limited, becase a lot of the good stores are located near the highways. Stores called TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Ross- you will love. They have everything from shoes to kitchen items. They sell different brands but for much less. Here are some of the beautystuff i bought.

Redken shampoo 1 liter & conditioner 1 liter 30 $. In Denmark I would pay 70 $ for the shampoo & another 70 $ for the conditioner.

Shiseido Benefiance balancing daytime protective emulsion 25 $  & Shiseido Benefiance balancing softener lotion adoucissante  20 $. In danish stores I would pay what would  be 130 $ & 90 $.

MOR soaps. They are so pretty & smell great. I paid 7 $ pr. soap -on their webshop they are 15 $ & in Denmark they are 24 $.

As you can see I saved a lot on these items. I also bought  a box containing two OPI  nailpolish´ for 10 $ & four small Essie ones for 10 $ also. And that was just the beauty department.

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2 thoughts on “If you are going to the US…

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    Car rental is important. An “international driver’s license helped”. The last time I was in my country, the USA, I rented a car and remembered how to drive (ten miles over the speed limit, don’t cut people off, be aggressive but it ain’t Italy, don’t flip other drivers off because we have, in our Constitution, the right to carry significant amounts of heat short of rocket launchers).

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