More Copenhagen Art Fair!

As I told you guys yesterday I went to Copenhagen Art Fair yesterday with my oldest daughter. As usual it was all good vibes at the reception. My daughter and I was invited by Sara Stilling, who is a close friend. I love her work & I am lucky enough to own three of her work of arts. But I do need more…I will show just why in a sec. First here are some pic´s from the hall.

Here at the stage you can bring some old furniture & an artist will give it a twist. I was not liking all of it, but the Arne Jacobsen chairs were awesome.

Cool Arne Jacobsen “Seven” chair now a comic chair.

A kid killing an PH-lamp…I was about to rescue it.

Painting by Eva Scott Clausen & her daughter drawing wearing a flamenco dress-cute!

I was attracted to the rawness of her work. You can see more at Eva´s blog here.

Kristina Dam is behind these beauties. I love how she use color. It´s very scandinavian…not too dramatic.

This right here is Sara Stillings work. She often draw & paint animals. This time there were a lot of bunnies, pigeons & fish. I love that the bunnies look like they are wearing a pyjamas-and for some reason the bunnies tend to be suffering.

I also love Sara´s way of using color. I haven´t seen her painting with blue before-it is too cool.

This one is hilarious. It is called ” I used to carry my brain in a balloon”. So many funny details.

Suffering bunny & yummi cupcakes with bunnyrabbit flavour-uhmm…yuck. I am guessing Sara wants us to rethink how we treat animals before they turn into food.


Sara & Kasper Harup Hansen-Editó owner & designer now turned photographer + friend. For more Sara go to her page

Kaspers too cool Adidas shoes-purchased at Collette, Paris. As Ole Henriksen would say:” I loooove it!”

There were a lot of cool stuff & I highly recommend going there if you are in Copenhagen-sunday is the last day. If you have children bring them a long. My daughter loves to walk around and taste of all the snacks that the artists brought-haha. And this year they had an artist that was guiding the kids so that they could make their own version of one of his works of art. My daughter chose to paint by herself. She was sucked into another world for an hour painting. She made a lot of new colors & mommy was proud.

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2 thoughts on “More Copenhagen Art Fair!

  1. Nice stuff…. like it a lot already…..thanks for your notes about me, Rose and my art. Love Eva Elisabeth Scott Clausen

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