Tattoos on pets

Yeah I know-that is ridiculous! Poor animals. Isn´t it enogh that we keep them indoor & sterilize+neutralize them? But as offending as I find it. I can´t help thinking that they look really cool-sorry I am a hypocrite in that sense. Check these cool cats out…

This one will scare the hell out of other cats. Looks like a thug to me-haha.

How cruel of his owner to tattoo his cat with this cliché!!! Are you offended? What do you think about this?

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16 thoughts on “Tattoos on pets

  1. I absouletly hate seeing this! It is cruel to subject an animal to this!
    Why are you giving him an audience?

  2. havings tattoos on animals, i want to ask if its real and yes , i think its kinda cool

  3. Chiman Logan says:

    It maybe cool. But, it’s absolutely cruel to have done that to your pet. They doesn’t have a voice to speak out!

  4. Poor kitties!!! 😦

  5. simikitty says:

    if the “tattos” are done in an egg white ink and are able to be washed off they are cool, if they are real tattos, shame on the owners

  6. I agree – I have never had a tattoo, but I have heard how panful they are. So horribly cruel!!!

    • monicaali says:

      I am sure they weren´t awake-a cat will not lay still while being hurt. Not that it makes it ok, but at least they couldn´t feel it.

  7. This is disgusting how does the pet sit there that long?

  8. Marissa says:

    They put the animals to sleep before tattooing them. They don’t feel a thing.

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