Serenity cupcakes

A couple of days ago I visited this cute little store in my neighborhood called Serenity cupcakes. Here in Copenhagen, cupcakes were suddenly the new black & I didn´t really get it, because I haven´t been into the frosting-they are pretty though. Anyway I ended up at Serenity cupcakes & it was soooo good! Even the frosting was delicious. I had a chocolate cupcake with oreofilling & my kid had one with liquorish. I had a great cup of rhubarb green tea from AC Perch´s ( great tea company) to go with it & it was served in a white fluted thermal cup from Royal Copenhagen-I realized that I really needed some of those-haha. Anyway the service was great & I can highly recommend it if you live in Denmark or are visiting Copenhagen. It was like Sofia Coppola created it…

They also sell stuff for childrens birthday parties.

The trained eye can tell that it is located in Grønnegade 32 right across from Pure Shop & Kassandra. If you are a tourist this street is sort of a must. Here you can visit stores like Karen by Simonsen, Wood Wood, Louboutin, Ordning & Reda, Kartell & Blomsterberg chocolate..

I know!!!!!

This corner should move into my place.

Love the striped wallpaper. For more info on Serenity cupcakes look here.

Oh! And the cup can be purchased right here.

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