Tired of your plain doormat?

Doormats are often sooo boring, which I don´t get because it could be a huge industry-cause everybody needs a doormat. Well I looked around & here are my favorites:

Other Disney doormats can also be found here.

For those with dogs. Can be found here.

Hehe. Find it here.

It can also be found saying hotel mama here.

I like everything with Union Jack on, but I guess someone could be offended by using it as a doormat. I couldnt imagine wiping my feet in the danish flag so maybe this is a no go. It can be bought here though.

This would make me giggle everyday. Find it here.

LOL. This is something you would hear T-bag from Prison Break say. Find it here.

This one can be found here at designdelicatessen, which is a favorite webstore of mine.

You can also make your own here. You can fx use a picture you like. I saw one with a wedding photo-hahaha.

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2 thoughts on “Tired of your plain doormat?

  1. raynagrace says:

    Oh my gosh! You are really funny! Thanks for liking my blog (R&G CO.), we don’t really have very many people looking at it. Your blog rocks! Thanks for sharing, and btw those doormats are crazy awesome!

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