Short hair & Locks of Love

Last year I cut my hair short. I had been thinking about it for a couple of years, but I didn´t have the guts to do it. Finally I convinced myself with a little help from some good friends. I am so happy that I finally cut it, but I learned that all short hairdo´s aren´t for me. I really wanted a pixie hairdo like Victoria Beckham:

Cool!!! Don´t you think.

But my hair has this thick structure so I have to use a lot of products to keep the hair down. I liked the hairdo, but I got really tired of all the goo in my hair.

Now, as you have seen on the pictures here on the blog, I have an undercut. I can do all sorts of stuff with it now & I love the variety.

But now I think I am going for a bob.

There have been days where I missed having long hair-I cut off 50 cm-but I feel really good when I think about what I did to the long hair. It was put in a ponytail & shipped off to the US. And now some child with a disease that causes him/her to loosing all their hair & has trouble affording a good wig ( it is really expensive ) is wearing the hair! I could have sold it, but when i read about the organisation “Locks of Love” I knew that I to give it away as these kids are struggling with selfesteem issues, because of the lack of hair-that is just brutal as they are already fighting or living with a disease. You can do the same if you are having 30 cm. or more cut of. You can read about Locks of love here.



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2 thoughts on “Short hair & Locks of Love

  1. Yasmin Cruz says:

    skal du ha en tom bob ?

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