Spring is coming…maybe…eventually

Today was about 7 degrees celcius & the sun was out. The weather was in other words really nice compared to the time of year. But in Denmark if there are plus degrees people loose their minds. They go to the nearest park & sit as if it was summer. I was out for a walk  & could´nt believe my eyes when I walked through the park. Take a look for yourselves.

The prettiest garden in all of Copenhagen: Kgs. have aka. Kings Garden.

People are sitting in the grass & a guy is wearing shorts!

Up in the right corner people are lying down on the cold cold ground. Brrrrr!!!

It´s called Kings Garden because there is a castle in there. It was Christian the 4th who build it & he also lived in it until his death. In the basement you can see the royal family´s crown jewels.

Legendary H.C Andersen has his own spot in the garden. Every kid in Denmark knows this guy. If you don´t I suggest that you read his great fairytales.

Let´s hope that these people won´t get sick! And hopefully this great weather means that we soon can loose our wintercoats & downjackets. Have a great night you guys!!!


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