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Yesterday I put this sign up in our hallway. I bought it on our trip to Orlando. I like that it projects sincereness, but it´s highly sarcastic. Kind of like Lily Allens “Smile”-you listen & think it´s a cute lovesong, but it´s quite the opposite.

I am thinking it will be great for when we have kids over-let them know that it´s a “no whining zone”-LOL

Also it kind of reminds me to stop feeling sorry for myself when something unimportant is bothering me.


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2 thoughts on “New in

  1. Thats really awesome:) I truly believe a lot of people should take this to heart.

    • monicaali says:

      You´re right-here in Denmark there have just been a whining competition, because danes whine and complain A LOT! Whining will also get you depressed & who needs a clinical depression-that is truly something to whine about though-LOL

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