Roskilde Festival

Until last year I had never been to a music festival before. I have been to tons of concerts, because I kind of up grew up with musicians.  Anyway I wasn´t sure if I would like the tent-thing, the disappointment when it would start raining & everything would turn into mud,  when I would realize that some of my stuff got stolen…that sort of thing. But then last year I was invited to see a Matthew Dear at Roskilde Festival, because a familymember ( from the icelandic part of the family-husband is icelandic) was in the band. I was thrilled! For the first time I was going to a musicfestival & I got to hang out where there was an actual toilet & a refrigerator!!!! It was so much fun. First of all we got to hang out with family that lives across the Atlantic & I got to see Matthew Dear again & his badass band.

Matthew Dear in white & John Gaviglio with the bass.

Very happy camper-me & John in the background with Matthew Dear.

If you haven´t heard of Matthew Dear before, I strongly suggest that you check him out here. He is awesome. Also tickets for Roskilde is already for sale here. This year Björk, The Cure and I would mention the hip hop bands but they always cancel an hour before their show-a lot of others will be added to the program. I just might go. It was so much fun last year, it was all good vibes, I kept meeting people I know & I had such a nice time with my family. One thing had me in chock though. People were peeing all over the place. Guys could pee in pissours cause they were everywere, but girls didn´t give a crap & just pulled down their pants. I was like-really???!!! You don´t wanna go hide in a bush? Just warning you-there are a lot of weird ( but fun ) stuff going on. I even saw a guy who passed out sitting up, but one of his testicles where hanging out in a hole in his jeans-that´s bad.


Are you going to some festivals this year? And which would you recommend?

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