I love caps

As I have been writing earlier I love that the cap is back. An old friend of mine has this cool brand called Cityfellaz. He posted some photos on facebook & i saw this cool cap. And then I found this crewneck his brand also made. I guess it was meant for guys, but I like to mix with male fashion items to add a androgynous touch. Anyway another friend of mine also known as Dj Jason Whut Rivera has this cool shop called Slam! Jægersborggade 5 that sells Cityfellaz-here I also saw some really great items that I think could work for both men & women.

Too cool with all the tucan´s

This looks very masculine here, but if was unbottoned with a tanktop, highwaisted denimshorts & low top all stars it could look really good.

Grey crewnecks never go out of style & this one has the cute tucan!

Also found this Dope Antilope camo cap-isn´t fun?!

It also comes in navyblue, which is my favorite color right now.

I love when clothes is stylish & projects that you have a brain. Mahagony tee. I would cut of the neck to make it feminine.

I love this tee with Wild Style reference-also a Mahogony tee

Khaki Mahagony parker.

What do you think? Too masculine for you?

If you would like to see more you can visit Slam! Jægersborggade 5 or visit their facebookpage here– where you also can order stuff.






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