Alice Dellal


I love looking at pictures of Alice Dellal. She doesn´t look like anybody else & she never falls into the background. I love her long wavy hair, the undercut that makes sure that she doesn´t look cute with the wavy hair & her rock n´roll look. Karl Lagerfeld loves her & hired her to do a Chanel campaign for the Boy bag collection. Mario Testino & Mick Jagger are her godfathers & shoedesigner Charlotte Olympia is her sister and so on.  But she made her own name. Did I mention she is also a drummer when she doesn´t model?!!!


What do you think?



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8 thoughts on “Alice Dellal

  1. alienistgirl says:

    What a gorgeous lady. I absolutely love her style.

  2. I love her in that picture with the hoodie… That gorgeous wavy hair!

  3. missjey says:

    Yups, Love her rock chic style!!!! And her hair is ass kickin!!!

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