Today I am 33!

Inspired by the blog: “Self Professed Product Obsessed” I will tell you 33 things you probably didnt know about me

1 I don´t mind getting older-Oprah promised life is only better as you get older.

2 I really like Oprah.

3 I think everybody should visit Iceland-it is so special.

4 I plan to learn to speak a lot of languages now that I finished my masters degree.

5 I am actually a black belt in taekwondo. I earned my black belt when I was 14 &  at the same time I landed a spot on the danish national team. Now I coach children-including my oldest child. It´s so much fun. I get to be really tough & make them to a lot of push-ups & I get so much love from them.

6 I drink a lot of tea. It´s a cultural thing. In Afghanistan & Pakistan ( dad was born i Afghanistan & mom in Pakistan ) there is a lot of tea-drinking going on…especially chai: boiled milk, black tea & cardamom-yum…

7 My favorite book is “Jønke-mit liv”….no just kidding it´s “Jønke-mit liv part two”….bad joke he is the most famous criminal from the bikersquad Hell´s Angels, Copenhagen. I    don´t have a favorite book- I have tons of favorite books.

8 I didn´t enjoy being pregnant. I was so sick all the time & everything smelled more than usual. I suddenly didn´t enjoy my tea anymore, I couldn´t stand warm showers, I couldn´t drink tapwater. It was just weird & uncomfortable.

9 I bought my first Gucci bag when I was 18. I had been in the store window for a while & when it was put on sale I was lucky to have the amount it cost. I still have it.

10 Humour is an important part of my life. Fx my husbands sense of humour made me fall for him very quickly. We laugh a lot at our house…

11 My favorite european capital besides Copenhagen is Paris.

12 Favorite country to visit is the US.

13 My very first concert was a Janet Jackson concert. I still love her Rhythm Nation ( love the outfit she wore in the Rhythm Nation video) & Janet album ( I used to wear my jeans like her-you know the button part was inside out).

14 I love my bike. A good bike is essential here in Copenhagen.

15 Because I have daughters I feel it´s ok to buy quality stuff like Burberry coats & Prada shoes, cause I will pass the good style & items on to them. It´s an investment-right?!!!

 16 I like finding vintage coats. Last year I found a Max Mara trenchcoat in London. Only 40 pounds & it looks like new.

17 My favorite comedy show when I was a kid was:” Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” I thought Will Smith was the coolest & best dressed guy alive.

18 I love watching Gossip Girl,  because of their outfits.

19 I enjoy watching the cartoon Cow & Chicken, but I really don´t think it´s for kids ( It´s on Cartoon Network)

20 My favorite everyday shoe is All Stars-they are so comfy & looks great when they are beat up.

21 I like playing tennis & volleyball, but I am not very good at it.

22 I once found a pigeon on my attic. It had eggs & everything up there-eeew.

23 In highschool our class went to Poland. When I went to see the concentration camp in Auschwitch I cried hard for an hour afterwards. It was just too much. We saw the gas chambers, the prisoners clothes ( fx little babyshoes), hair, stuff made out of human skin, their suitcases and so on. Horrible.

24 Being a student at the university really opened my mind. It made my world a lot bigger, a lot more tolerant & openminded.

25 I like carrots & strawberries- a lot.

26 I love sleeping when it´s sunny outside. Lying in the sun in my own bed is awesome.

27 Actually I can sleep anywhere. At the university I used to sleep with my head on the desk. Once I didn´t notice that class started again so I woke up in the middle of class.

28 Another time I fell asleep in the library & accidentally swept my stuff on the floor. I woke up because of the noise. It was quite embarrassing.

29 My favorite icecream is Icelandic from a small shop in the western  part of Reykjavik-it is soooo good!

30 My favorite Disney movie is Mulan. It´s is too funny & she is a strong girl-I like fighters.

31 I like doing puzzles-I find it meditative

32 I think a lot of Danish designers are really great.

33 I have moments everyday where I feel grateful & genuinely happy.

Have a great day everybody!

I will sit back & let my sweet family spoil me : )

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81 thoughts on “Today I am 33!

  1. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. TR says:

    Really liked your list especially the Taekwondo part…Taekwondo is such an awesome art..!!

  3. Happy Birthday. Terrific post. 🙂

  4. desert heels says:

    …and happy birthday! 🙂


  6. Roberts says:

    Great post, I might “steal” the idea for myself.

  7. Fun read – it’s a bit weird getting a snapshot list of things about someone you don’t even know . . . but fun, takes everything to a different level. Thx for the like on my blog – and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

    • monicaali says:

      Thanks…I am a new blogger & thought it was a good way to share a little about who I am to those who don´t who know me & who don´t at all : )

  8. Evitafashion says:

    I really like your No 15. (ha,ha,ha it’s an investment). Happy B-day.

  9. Happy belated birthday, fellow March babies! I love these lists and as a first timer on your blog, I was so amused by your story. Also, thanks for visiting!

  10. Thank you for visiting furrylittlegnome! I love what you have written here!

  11. Cool blog!
    I must say, since I started blogging, it’s really dawned on me how, in Europe, many people travel from country to country and know multiple languages, while here, some people go travel in the states, others to other countries, but many people do not travel often. It’s not just a trip on the train to go to Mexico or Canada. Also, in both the US and parts of Canada, people speak English, and unless you are an extreme traveler or have a job which requires you to know another language, most people only speak English.
    I definite want to spend at least a year in Europe.

    • monicaali says:

      Thanks : ) Yeah it´s very different because your country is so huge & the diversity is huge from state to state so I guess a lot of Americans doesn´t feel the need to go abroad. Here in Denmark we learn two languages in school & we feel it is really important because the country is so tiny-there are only 5,5 million Danes & this place is so small that we have to feel the urge to go elsewhere. And my parents are immigrants & my husband is also an immigrant so BAM! Two more languages in my basket-haha. And also the neighboring countries languages are quite similar to Danish so with not too much effort we can also speak a little Swedish & Norwegian. You should come to Europe-a lot of the cities are filled with historic buildings, great design & good food. Let me know if you are visiting Copenhagen. I could give you some traveladvices : )

  12. beyondanomie says:

    Thanks for the recent Like on my blog post about Aquascutum; much appreciated & glad you enjoyed the post.

    Some interesting posts you have here too! Will have a look around.

    • monicaali says:

      Thanks! I love Aquascutum. Unfortunately we don´t have a lot of it here in Denmark. I have only managed to find some for my husband.

  13. bhbkidstyle says:

    Nr. 15 is really a lame excuse to by branded stuff, but I love it anyway. 🙂

  14. vagranttraveler says:

    Number 17 is so true. He definitely was. I’m looking through your site and loving it more and more! And thanks for liking/visiting my blog 🙂

  15. creativeliz says:

    Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog – I love what I’ve seen so far of yours! And I have to agree on the Chai tea 🙂 Happy birthday and best wishes, Liz

  16. marie says:

    We have a great deal in common. I also love to travel (especially Europe) and learned a few languages when I was in school (although I am from SF). I am also a black belt and taught kids including my oldest son; hence the name fashionable ninja (which my son came up with). Who doesn’t love Oprah? And of course you already guessed I am a fashion, beauty, and product addict. I hope you had a Happy Birthday.

  17. locomeow says:

    Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed the 33 things list

  18. You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

    Please do not feel pressure to accept but if you decide you’d like to, check out my post…



  19. Jen Baxter says:

    Thanks for liking my recent post on the cool shoes in Bangkok. You have some different perspectives on things on your blog. Really cool. I’ll look around more!

  20. Bug says:

    Yo yo! I have nominated you for the reader appreciation award 🙂 (I’m not remotely bothered if you don’t do the rules and just bask in the glory btw – s’all good)

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

  21. Lily says:

    I just found your blog, so cool! I can’t stop reading through all your posts! 🙂

  22. You sound like an awesome mother! Love the way you sound/write. Classic fashion is definitely an investment and I watch Gossip Girl for their lovely fashion too! Fashion and fantastic writer make a lethal combo, keep writing! (:

  23. aquashadow says:

    Very, VERY belated happy birthday to you! I really enjoyed reading this blog, it made me laugh and yet it is so inspirational. I might do something that looks like this 😀

    Anyway, enjoyed the whole thing! Have a nice day 🙂

  24. mrusakov says:

    I love the photos they are really interesting and cool. Plz check out my fashion blog! I am only 13 and would love more followers. Like, follow, and comment on my blog!
    Thank you!

  25. Bena says:

    Thanks for liking my “ugh, I know I’m pretty..I think?” post! Lovely blog; I can totally relate with #6, Afghan family hahaa. Hope you visit again for more posts!

  26. Hi Monica, We were thrilled to hear that you are following our blog through the WordPress feedback email. We can’t find an email address for you on here, so we’re dropping you a line here.
    We would love to list your own fab blog – the subjects you’re covering are very interesting – on our website, . We wonder if you would consider listing our website address on yours (if you link up with other sites)?
    With best wishes, Dominic and Kirsty

    • monicaali says:

      Hi! I am a little confused. is my friend so if you would like her on your list you can catch her on her blog-she is quite busy with work though so it can take her some time to answer-but you can always try again : ) If I misunderstood pls. write again.

  27. Hi Monica, Apologies, I meant the blog address. Is that the right name for us to list?
    D & K

  28. chicalarusse says:

    Hey Girl!

    Stumbled upon your blog today and it’s pretty awesome! You have a good eye and it shows in your posts, keep up the good work and stay CHIC 😉

  29. HI,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.
    More info at:

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