Models off duty

I love looking at pictures of models off duty as many of them have great style. I found some pictures before I am off.

This weekend is all about taekwondo. My youngest who is three just got her first dobog       ( thats what we call the suit we are wearing) so I am taking both of them with me to practice. I can´t wait to see the small one in action. Maybe it will look like this:



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8 thoughts on “Models off duty

  1. stilishbabe says:

    ah!I want their clothes! I think being on the runway and seeing all the great outfits inspires you and gives you that sens of style..Moreover,they get free clothes from the phtoshoots (I’m jealous!) So,I guess it’s easier for them when they have that star item to add to a plain outfit!

  2. I agree Monica! These girls sure have style. But they look good in anything too!

    Congratulations to your girls!

  3. chloe says:

    Their wardrobes must be amazing

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