Did you know that you need a doll?

You probably think that you really don´t need a doll, because you are an adult, but I am telling you when you see these you need one or even a few.

My name is Simone makes these organic dolls that looks like celebrities. They are so awesome that you wanna buy even if you don´t have a kid to give it to.

David Bowie

Jean Paul Gaultier

Karl Lagerfeld

Michael Jackson

Aren´t they hilarious?!!! They would look good around the house. On a shelf, in the couch, in the dog´s basket even. You can buy them here. Which would you prefer? I need the David Bowie doll!!!!



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14 thoughts on “Did you know that you need a doll?

  1. jannath says:

    oh my goodness that is hysterical!! and now i’ve got a great idea for a birthday gag gift for a friend. Thanks for posting this up AND for liking my post 🙂

  2. liingy says:

    i loveee the karl lagerfeld one! hahaha

  3. I LOVE the Karl Lagerfeld doll especially! ❤

  4. i love many dolls.. ofcourse it’s very awesome,
    wanna wanna it…!!!
    i wanna capten jack sparrow

  5. daisyfaes says:

    I need the Karl Lagerfeld one!!!

  6. pendorphin says:

    Too cute! Lol.

    & thanks for popping by!

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