Dansk ( means Danish) Fashion Nominees are revealed & you can vote now! Part 1

I know a lot of you guys aren´t Danish, but this award show is hands down the most glamourous award show in Denmark. Last year über it girl Medina was the hostess & this year it´s Lene Nystrøm who is mostly known for being Aqua´s singer. I think that little Denmark has a lot to offer fashionwise so I will show you who I voted for.

Best Accessory designer:

Line & Jo

I have written about Line & Jo earlier here. I love their work. Pretty & with a hint of darkness.

Danish Brand of the year:

Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Day is a boho inspired brand with both comfy & beautiful items.

Danish Designer of the year:

Oh my this one was tough. Incredible designers like Susanne Rützou for Rützou, Silas Adler for Soulland, Stine Goya, Henrik Vibskov, Peter Jensen, Baum & Pferdgarten & more!!! I love these peoples work. I was standing between Susanne Rützou & Stine Goya,  but in the end i choose Stine Goya, because I love her playful universe. It´s often dreamy & light & she specializes in prints-amazing prints. I have written about Stine Goya earlier here after attending her fantastic show at Copenhagen Fashionweek this winter.

She also make these quirky shoes that I really like. For more Stine Goya look here.

Best new Danish designer:

Anne Sofie Madsen 

This designer is the new Danish darling when it comes to designers. I predict her a very bright future. Once you see her styles I am sure you will see why.

What do you think?

Hairstylist of the year

Marianne Jensen

Here are some of her beautiful work.


Let me know what you think! Are you amazed or not so much? Part 2 is up tomorrow. See you!

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5 thoughts on “Dansk ( means Danish) Fashion Nominees are revealed & you can vote now! Part 1

  1. Daniela Luna says:

    I’m going to check on these designers… really cool stuff!!!

  2. Haute says:

    I really like Anne Sofie Madsen’s stuff. Thanks for introducing me to her!! 🙂 Im also fond of Day Birger et Mikkelsen – I have one of their scarves features in the outfit I styled on my log today!

    I’m definitely going to have to pay attention to Danish fashion more often!

    • Haute says:

      By “log” meant “blog” – stupid auto correct on my phone always messes up my sentences! :S

      • monicaali says:

        Haha-mine does it as well all the time. Nice to hear that Danish Fashion appeal outside of this tiny country : ) I will definitely check out your blog!

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