Dansk/ Danish Fashion Awards part 2

Yesterday started showing you guys who I voted for. Here goes part 2.

Best Danish Highstreet brand

Second Female 

This highstreet brand is always keeping up.

You see?

Makeup artist of the year

Rikke Dengsø

Rikke is this very creative person with many talents. Makeup is one & she does it very well.

For more of Rikke Dengsø´s work look here. All pictures are from Rikke Dengsø´s webpage.

Fashionevent of the Year:

A Decade of Danish Fashion, an exhibition celebrating 10 years with DANSK magazine. A collaboration with Danish Design Museum.

Tomorrow part 3 will be up : ) Great day to all of you!

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3 thoughts on “Dansk/ Danish Fashion Awards part 2

  1. Haute says:

    🙂 I like the white sleeveless blouse, with the black colourblocked collar and placket by Second Female!!

  2. Thank you for part 2! I had never heard of Second Female before, they have amazing clothes! That white sleeveless blouse with the black peterpan collar is beautiful, wantwantwantwant.

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