DANSK Fashion Awards Part 3

DANSK Fashion Awards nominees are up. Here you can see who I voted for.

Danish fashion photographer of the year

Jens Langkjær

Denmark has quite a few great fashion photographers. And as you can see Jens Langkjær knows how to do his work.The last two pictures are of model Melodie Dagault for Fault Magazine. I hope to see much more of her. You can see more of Jens Langkjærs work here.

Danish stylist of the year

Rikke Wackerhausen

Rikke is not the average stylist. She is also a sparring partner to designers Stine Goya & Wackerhaus ( her sister is a really great designer) when creating fashionshows. She has done so much great work over the years. If you are Danish you will probably go “Oh she did that?!!! I just loved that outfit!” when going through her work.

Pernille Rosendahl (singer & known for X-factor in Denmark) & her man Johan Wohlert. Together they are The Storm.

The Storm video.

This is from a Carpark North video. I love that video-Rikke styled those kids to perfection.

Above is amazing danish singer Oh Land.

You can see more of Rikke Wackerhausen´s work here. All pictures are from Agenturcph.

Etchical project of the year 

A Question of

This brand makes sustainable streetwear using organic cotton & good working conditions for their workforce ( isn´t it tragic that everyone doesn´t do that?! ). Their work is so popular that they sell to retailers such as Bloomingdales & Harvey Nichols.

I kind of wonder why there aren´t any awards for companys who is not using fur. Maybe politics are involved here or most companys are pro fur I don´t know. Personally I am the average hypocrite. I don´t like the idea that people stock living creatures in a cage or barn just so we can eat meat & wear their skin, but at the same time I like my leathershoes & enjoy a cheeseburger so much that I wont give it up. And it´s a huge cultural thing to eat meat in Denmark. I hope you all have a great friday night! Part 4 which is the last one will be up tomorrow.

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One thought on “DANSK Fashion Awards Part 3

  1. Dori says:

    Hi, thanks for your like on my earlier post! I deleted it because I posted it accidentally. This is the post I wanted to do: http://flyweightwardrobe.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/outfit/
    You could check it out if you’re interested.

    I really love the photos in this post! I’ll look at them properly later!

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