Kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear is Elle Magazines, US styledirector. I think she is so cool. Very androgynous & rock n´roll. I like her hairstyle- I wish I wouldn´t go crazy with my hair hanging down in my face cause it looks so good.

All those cool jackets! Would be nice to go through her wardrobe!

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10 thoughts on “Kate Lanphear

  1. Hun er super cool 😉

  2. alienistgirl says:

    I didn’t know her and she’s too cool! She’s even wearing a SLAYER t-shirt in on of the pictures. That gives her even more points 🙂

  3. She’s the ultra-cool girl. She also looks like she could kick my ass.

    • monicaali says:

      Hahaha-you´re right. She does not like to smile at the photographers-she is probably just shy though ; )

      • You’re probably right. She’s got a fierce wardrobe and I love to see her turn up in the streetstyle blogs. She and Joanna Hillman make my day.

  4. I know what you mean, I loooove that hairstyle too but I think it’ll drive me crazy!

  5. mhbytb says:

    I never heard of her but love her look. I’m going to steal shamelessly …..

  6. Love to see someone so relevant with such a genuine, personal look.

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