Home decor cravings from Hill-street.dk

Not too long ago I nearly fell of my bike when I saw this store. I went in and i was so cozy. If you live in Copenhagen you should visit it. It is located on Blegdamsvej not too far from Skt. Hans Torv. Otherwise go online & have a look.

small knobs with letters

Aluminium letters-I have these at home. They come with doublesided tape so they are easily up on your wall.

Ship or dog usb-thingy

Tapedispenser. I love when practical stuff are made in a more decorative design like this or the usb thingy´s.

The spotlight lamp is supposed to be the focus here….hmmm

Magnetic pencils for your fridge!

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10 thoughts on “Home decor cravings from Hill-street.dk

  1. Tak for det tip 😉 må forbi efter påske 😉

  2. I love that tape dispenser. Soooo cute 🙂

  3. They do look like such fun stuff!! Too bad I don’t live in Copenhagen 😦 But thank you for visiting!

  4. I love vintage looking/different things for your home. I love the boat USB thing, so cute!

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