Arizona Muse

American model Arizona Muse is one of my favorite models. She has this intense-her eyes & brows are on fire-love it!

Gorgeous, dont you think? And I just love her name- so cute! Happy easter to all of you celebrating easter & happy birthday to my always very fashionable little sister Marlene who turned 20 today!!! Love you!

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13 thoughts on “Arizona Muse

  1. i totally agree! the very first time i saw her last year in Paris Fashion Week. i knew she would be one of the leading model! i could not more amazed than seeing her in LV Cruise campaign. i also wrote some articles about her. check on my website


    • monicaali says:

      How cool that you saw her at fashion week in Paris-do you live in Paris? Looking forward to reading our article : )

      • at the moment i am living in rotterdam but last year i used to live in France… but no matter where i am, i always go to Paris Fashion Week.. i love Paris and the vibe of the city during the fashion weeks. when i am invited, attending the shows just makes me realize how passionate i am about fashion!

      • monicaali says:

        I have to go some time : ) I can imagine that Paris have so much more to offer than those shows I read about in magazines. But I would ofcourse love to see all the big fashionhouses!

  2. dearz377 says:

    Women with thick eyebrows are very beautiful. I have thick eyebrows as well maybe thats why I love it when a woman keeps her natural thick brows.

  3. C. Clé says:

    The name already tells, it doesn’t it? – She’s destined to be a muse.

    xx Clé

  4. piaugarte says:

    Love her!! So gorgeous! Happy Easter! 🙂

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