If you´re not familiar with Laduree then let me introduce you to this great tea-salon/pastry shop. It´s originally from Paris but I visited their tea-salon at Harrods in London. Husband & I brought our oldest daughter along to London to spend some alone time with her. We love macarons & I wanted to introduce her to them so we visited Laduree. We were not allowed to take any pictures, but I can tell you that it was such a treat. Everything was decorated & it looked as if we fell into a scene from Sofia Coppolas “Marie Antoinette”.

Picture from

If you don´t have a Laduree shop near by you can get some cute stuff for your home instead.

Box set with letters

Deodorant for your home-so pretty!

Small giftbags

pencil with little macarons

cute candles


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16 thoughts on “Laduree

  1. kelseyreinhart says:

    Oh these are amazing!

  2. Reem says:

    I love macarons, full stop.

  3. I’ve never heard of Laduree before, thanks! 🙂

  4. So cute! I loved Marie Antoinette, I bet it was amazing there!

  5. Jacquelinex says:

    Laduree was one of my favorite places to go in London. I was going to make a post about them when stumbled on yours.

    • monicaali says:

      You should still do yours-your way. There are so many bloggers & it would be weird if we didn´t do something similar once in a while : )

      • Jacquelinex says:

        Oh of course I will! I’m just easily distracted. Thanks for the support btw and I enjoy reading your blog as well. J

  6. The Boy! says:

    The candles look wonderful. Don’t tell me, the house will smell like fresh Macarons with one spritz of that? I wonder if the lady inhabitant of the gingerbread house knows about this.

  7. Sofia Coppolas “Marie Antoinette” is asthetically so lovely…thank you for bringing such a beautiful photo montage to recreate your experience. xx ~ Trèsors De Luxe

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