My opinion on sneakerwedges

The sneakerwedges are everywhere these days. First Isabel Marant introduced her design & since other have followed. You are not gonna see me in any of those. It is not that I hate them, but I the designs haven´t caught my eye. Actually I think that Isabel Marant version looks too much like Puma´s old Formula 1 shoe & Marc Jacobs version reminds me of an old school Converse basketball shoe. I guess that I like to buy sneakers from those who are really good at making good sneakers just like I prefer to buy a watch from those who do that well like Breitling or Ebel instead of buying a Gucci watch because the clock isn´t worth anything-you only pay for the design & brand.

Isabel Marant sneakers

The Formula one shoes-& no they are not mine-found the picture on the web.

Marc Jacobs-my favorites if I had to choose. I like the colors.

Right now I like wearing these a lot. I know everyone are wearing them, but they are that good.

& All stars both high & low in black leather, navy, white & off white. They go with everything & only get better with time.

Right now I find these really cool:

I had a couple of these Nike Huaraches when I was 14. I lived in them.

& I love these by Converse & Commes des Garcons.

Would you wear a sneaker wedge?

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35 thoughts on “My opinion on sneakerwedges

  1. lforlazarus says:

    I’ve just bought a pair of Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers in white and I absolutely love them! They’re really comfortable and add a touch of style to otherwise very casual outfits.
    My one big complaint is that I ordered them without realising they are part canvas, which I think is really stupid for a shoe such as this. So after a few wears the canvas looks very dirty whilst the leather is pristine.
    But a big thumbs up from me!

  2. love212 says:

    I’ve seen some pairs that I like here and there but I don’t think I could bring myself to wear them – just think they wouldn’t look right on me?

    Elena x

  3. olenamiss says:

    yeah, you are totally right, an updated version of something old

  4. skymunki says:

    these wedge-sneakers look weird!! 🙂 i like the Nike’s.

  5. The Marc Jacobs ones are cute but def not me. I think I’ll stick to my regular sneakers! Kinda reminds me of Spice Girls.

  6. You’re right sneaker wedges are popping up everywhere these day. From a fashion standpoint they have a lot style, but can see where you’re coming from though as far as wanting to go with something a little more original.

  7. Oh my gosh, I really want the Converse/Commes des Garcons ones. So cute!

  8. Fatima A. says:

    I think you’re completely right! None of them have caught my eye so far, plus I’m not a fan of the ones with canvas on them instead of leather. 🙂

  9. Chiman Logan says:

    My top 3 picks are
    1) Converse & Commes des Garcons
    2) Isabel Marant sneakers
    3) Marc Jacobs sneakers

    Love them!

  10. iamnotminimal says:

    thank for like my page. 🙂

  11. joybrewed says:

    i’ll wear them…if I were 14 again…lol! 😉 love your green and black new balance! 😉 thanks for dropping by my blog too! 😉

  12. I was contemplating writing a piece pertaining to Isabel Marant’s. I still may and thanks for liking my post. 🙂

  13. i considered them but I can’t help but thinking they’d be a regretful purchase. Yeah they look great on Miranda Kerr, but in 3 months time are you really going to still like them? The good thing about sneakers is they don’t really date (unlike heels)… where as I think the sneaker heels will date in an instant. They remind me of those really bad wedge flip flops in the late 90’s.

    • monicaali says:

      oh I totally forgot about those flip flops!!! I think you´re right-that trend will also be forgotten very soon.

  14. Although I m too old to be wearing sneackers in public, I still do, and I love love love the marc jacobs ones you are mentioning above !!!

    • monicaali says:

      They are nice-looks kind of like some old Lanvin´s.

      • Styln says:

        I really liked last years Ash Madonna & Ash Stone Lanvin wedge sneakers, but they’re more rustic and muted in color. The Ash Madonna was extra strappy with nail head spikes (Mad Max Thunderdome) and the Ash Stone was plain in design and very distressed (Femme Grunge). The new Zanotti’s are extra flashy with the silver metallic snake skin cover and shoe strings, baby pink leather heel and gold back and side zippers (Extra Ghetto Fabulous).

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