Most people today feel that most people are openminded, rational & civilized. But when we still discuss if gay marriage is to be legal or not- or as in Denmark gays can´t get married in a church I am reminded that we have a long way to go. I could go on for hours discussing minority issues, but I will sum it up. Being different from the majority is not a mutation.   Diversity is not bad. Let´s accept each other & don´t define others as “the gay”, “the muslim” or “the bi polar guy”. We are all much more & maybe we prefer to define us as: a daughter-who also is a mother while being a student- and a part time artist-who had a depression. This way it is easier to see the similarities between individuals instead of only what is different.

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13 thoughts on “Important

  1. Debby says:

    I love that picture. It really made me think too. We are all humans… that’s what it all comes down to. Everyone deserves the right to marry the one they love.

  2. I think i might have had a gay lunch AND gay parked the car today. Am I in trouble?

  3. A. says:

    I agree! Love is love and their are no difference between it. I very much support gay marrigae and really think that people need to be more open minded and see the resemblance insted of the difference. Good post, I’m from Sweden by the way, didn’t know that you were from Denmark :). xx

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