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Stella Magazine is a Danish biannual magazine that focus on interesting women. Women like the author Siri Husted, photographers Astrid Kruse Jensen & Pakayla Biehn. And the magazine salutes women like Madame Curie, Rosa Parks & Simone de Beauvoir. All women that had something special to offer & as you might have guessed the magazine do not focus on their wardrobes or what they do to stay fit. Personality is the key. I really like that. That is exactly what a lot of womens magazines really lack. You might think that if the magazine doesn´t focus on glamour then it probably looks as cool as your local newspaper, but no it is beautifully made. Here is a couple of pictures from the magazine & their blog. And it´s ofcourse written in English : )

Yum for the eye-don´t you think?!

The fourth edition is out now & is available in selected shops around the world. It can ofcourse be purchased on their homepage here. 

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10 thoughts on “Stella magazine & blog

  1. That chandelier is HEAVEN. Omg.

  2. That seems like a really admirable magazine. Plus, it’s beautiful 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  3. Love.nI saw the picture with sun (or moon) on thefoxisblack before. I actually have it downloaded on my phone.

  4. says:

    What a beautiful magazine! Boo. x

  5. nicelaine says:

    Thanks for the like! I love the last two pictures, I would hang them up in my living room 🙂
    I think your blog is full of interesting pictures and ideas and I like your posts, especially the ones on the fashion and art/home decor pages.

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