DIY jersey tank top

See this is why I love Bloglovin. I was reading a new post on Bloglovin & stumbled upon a DIY blog on Harpers Bazaar Australia. The blog is called A Pair & a Spare & she will help you doing the newest trends yourselves. And she makes it easy. Check this tank top out.

Cute isn´t ?!!!

So happy that I found that blog! So Bloglovin keeps your daily dosis of your favorite blogs & recommend you other stuff. If you enjoy my blog you can follow it here. And you can visit Harpers Bazaar Australia & check out DIY posts from A Pair & Spare here.

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42 thoughts on “DIY jersey tank top

  1. I want to do that!!! Great idea!!! 🙂

  2. kaimiriffy says:

    I adore a pair and a spare! I’m thinking of making her peter pan necklace, it’s so perfect and simple.

  3. liza99 says:

    Hey, nice post 😀 great blog by the way ♥

  4. I’m definitely gonna try this. Great post. X

  5. dFashionFanatic says:

    cute..and it looks relatively easy. Will have to try it out

  6. Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award 😉 See the link below for details!

  7. great idea….i need to try this with some of my old tees!

  8. I’m sending this out tomorrow. Thanks this one is a KEEPER

  9. loulabelle89 says:

    This is so cool and creative! I’m so getting a Primark tee tomorrow and trying this!

  10. Daniela Luna says:

    cute! I’ll try it!!

  11. amaliqbal says:

    What a great way to make your own camies!!! Thank you for finding and reposting!

  12. barbielaw06 says:

    Reblogged this on lifeoutsideoflaw and commented:
    I’m excited to try this on old t-shirts and pretty new ones! DIY away!

  13. Inner Whit says:

    Reblogged this on Inner•Whit and commented:
    I absolutely cannot wait to do this!
    I will be sure to post my outcome and show you how I wore it.

  14. Styln says:

    So fab! Great style for such an easy DIY.

  15. Ferg says:

    Super cute idea!! It’ll save me the trouble of looking for jersey tanks that look like my fav jersey tees.. Thanks bunches! ❤

  16. We love many, many things…comfortable tanks are one of them. Can’t wait to try this FAB idea!!! Thank you XX ~ Trèsors De Luxe

  17. xoxoseoul says:

    i’m gonna try this too 🙂

  18. This is such a fantastic idea – and it is perfect for all those ‘free’ t-shirts you get while volunteering at things!

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