Photographer Anton Corbijn

I was at a friends house from the university & in her kitchen she had this beautiful poster of Helena Christensen with this pilgrim look. It was shot by the photographer Anton Corbijn.

Corbjin is a dutch photographer & you have probably noticed a lot of his work without knowing. He is the rockstars favorite photographer. He have shot a lot of albumcovers, magazinecovers & quite a lot of photos of musicians. A lot of his famous work is in black & white. Take a look at these gorgeous shots.

Christy Turlington & Naomi Campbell

Kate Moss

Love this photo. It is so cliché rock n´ roll. I wonder if a humble man like Bono really used to  sit around in his tub like this.

Iggy Pop

Amazing photo of Björk. This photograph is actually for sale. I would love to own it.

Elettra Wiedemann for Gstar Raw. Corbijn also did the campaign with Liv Tyler.

Kurt Cobain with ridiculous glasses.

Mick Jagger

PJ Harvey

Henry Rollins

Fantastic shot of Skin.

Vanessa Paradis. Still a little devastated that she & Johnny Depp split. They were such a picture perfect couple.

What do you think? Unfortunately I couldn´t find the pic of Helena Christensen.




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20 thoughts on “Photographer Anton Corbijn

  1. oh i have always loved that image of kurt.

  2. piaugarte says:

    Verrry cool!!

  3. He also directed the movie Control, about Ian Curtis from Joy Division 🙂
    Vanessa and Johnny split??? WHY?

  4. Gorgeous. I love the grit and contrast. I can see his darkroom work – and I love darkroom work.

  5. jarahsta says:

    favorites: kate, iggy, kurt, pj, and vanessa

  6. Love the photos of PJ Harvey and Henry Rollins.

  7. beyondanomie says:

    The Rollins photo is brilliant for the tension it shows. The Iggy Pop one is pretty good too, and as you say, the Bono one is great fun for its stereotypical props. I’m not entirely sure I’d agree with your description of Bono as humble, however. 🙂 Still, I agree that it’s a great photo of him.

  8. jayywoll says:

    Anton’s photos look really high fashion. Kinda like Italian vogue.

  9. amazing photos! I wish I had a collection of these

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