Dreaming of vintage watches

For some time I have been thinking of vintage watches. I find it insane for me to go buy a new Rolex watch. It is soooo expensive. & even though might be able to afford it in a couple of years I would always feel awful wearing a piece of jewelry that could put 200 poor children through school. Buuuut, it is also an investment since they never loose their entire value so I would go for a vintage one & I would love to pass them on to my daughters. Yes, I might two since I have two daughters.  I found a few watches for sale on the web. Take a look at their price & the year they are made in & you will know that is an quite ok investment.

From year 1996  Price: 2278 $

Year 1986 Price 3179 $

Year 1990,  Price 2632 $

And a Cartier also jumped in. It´s from year 2007. Price 6890 $

Year 1974, Price 1943 $

Year 2005 Price 6146$

What do you think? I would definitely go for the cheaper ones since my consciousness wouldn´t let me do otherwise. I also find them quite cool. I like when they are not shiny new.

Today I am celebrating my dear father in law. He is turning 60 : ) Have a great day!!!

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25 thoughts on “Dreaming of vintage watches

  1. plugintodan says:

    Love these watches but would never spend that much! Obviously depends on your income level and price range that works for you, but these vintage ones are definitely nice. Hard to compare to all the new-agey stuff!

    • monicaali says:

      I know-afterall we can go out & buy a watch for 20 $ or so. So it is kind of silly, but an investment. But a nice watch is the sort of thing that knows the value of.

  2. The Cartier definitely has the aesthetic that I prefer – but if you can confirm their authenticity, I think it’s a great investment!

  3. I’d LOVE to buy that Cartier for my husband!! Truly. (:^)

  4. oh i love vintage watches!!!!! especially rolex!!!! i so would wear the second one!!!

  5. Mario de la Cruz says:

    Great watches!! the first one in blue!!

  6. I’m not into watches but I’m loving these vintage pieces. My top picks are the 1990 and 2007.

  7. Raani York says:

    Very interesting vintage pieces. I love watches – even though I just own two. One of them about 22 years old. LOL – What should I say? Swiss watch – old – but still good!

  8. Be aware of fake watches. The best option is to buy a watch in a brand shop in your town or at the authorized dealer. Or come to Switzerland!

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