Model Amira Ahmed

Gorgeous Amira Ahmed is born in Sweden by a Somali father & a Filipino mother. Most Somali´s have these beautiful delicate faces & I many Filipino´s have gorgeous big brown doe eyes & full lips. These nationalities obviously look great mixed. I am all for mixed babies- I have two myself. Take a look at these shots. I hope to see a lot more of her work.

Stunning! Don´t you think?!!!

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26 thoughts on “Model Amira Ahmed

  1. Her mix looks comes out more commonly among the pretty Malays and Indonesians – they would naturally look like “Amira Ahmed” on the street peddling food off the streets…

  2. kaimiriffy says:

    My mother is Malay/Chinese and my father is Australian, so I have very round features but a very straight nose. It’s an interesting combination, by no means as beautiful as this model. Mixed race people do often have the most interesting and beautiful faces.

    • monicaali says:

      You´re mix is also nice : ) My children are ethnic hazara ( from Afghanistan-that part is from me-we look very South Asian as well) & Icelandic. So they are kind of like you : )

  3. Jocellyn says:

    Gorgeous! She is like an edgier version of Chanel Iman.

  4. vrdixson says:

    She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Her face is a unique work of art.

  5. Maylana says:

    Oh my goodness!! She is absolutely gorgeous! Very nice mix. Love this post.

  6. icetealover2 says:

    She is beautiful! I am sure she will go far in life as she appears to be very confident!

  7. icetealover2 says:

    She is stunning! And she is a very confident young lady from what I can tell in her pictures.

  8. tacky says:

    oh wow, she is absolutely stunning x

  9. Amirah says:

    She’s beautiful and we share the same name

  10. judithsmarkworld says:

    I am all for mixed babies as well!

  11. She’s gorgeous with an intriguing look–and I love her hair. I’m gonna bring it to my hairdresser so she can humor me.

  12. Lauren says:

    Reblogged this on Just Out Of The Box.

  13. How I wish I’m mixed, but I’m full Filipino!!!! lol

    • monicaali says:

      When I was a teen I so wished I was Filipino : ) I have a lot of Filipino friends & I loved the way they bond-& partied ; )

  14. fleuropean says:

    she has such beautiful skin. so smooth and such a lovely colour jealous =/

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