New hair

My bangs were always in the way so I chopped it off. My undercut is still there, but for now they can grow without anyone noticing & then i´ll figure out what to do. I kind of have a plan, but it will take a few months before I can get the result I want. It has to grow a little more. Do you like my new hair? Not everyone does, but luckily I only do it for me : ) If other people don´t get it-I just let them know that it´s because I am too avantgarde for them to understand-LOL.

Wearing a silk shirt & my new bangs.

I love my new hairdo. I can just wash it & then it looks just the way i want it to. If I had blonde hair like a lot of people here in Denmark have I would dye it some pastel color. But I am lucky to have dark hair with a lot of shine so I am not messing with it. When I go grey we can talk ; )

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44 thoughts on “New hair

  1. this looks so cute! suits your bone structure

    • monicaali says:

      Thank you-I really like bangs-it adds a little edge. I actually used to have the same hairdo as you-I will probably go back to that at some point : )

  2. Love the new hair – striking and beautiful!

  3. Petite says:

    It suites you very well you look younger 🙂 I LIkE!!!

  4. So beautiful and very avantgarde … that:-)

  5. jrg2012 says:

    Det ser bare perfekt ud til dig, flot lavet! Kan godt lide der er lidt art deco stil over det 🙂

  6. Kenny says:

    Lovely dark hair, very chic. I always consider dark hair to have the edge, when it comes to portraits.

  7. Its bold and flatters your dramatic cheekbones, good cheekbones!
    Well, your new chops is a reminder to have me visiting my hairstylist pretty soon 😀
    PS: Love the pout 😉

  8. jennifer says:

    very cute new do! thanks for stopping by 😉

  9. meganchapple says:

    It really suits you. Not a lot of people can pull that look off. I no I can’t

  10. Mia says:

    det er så flot, Unnar må være helt vild 😉

  11. I think it’s beautiful on you- I wish I had the bone structure to pull it off! Maria

  12. Love it!! It’s so glam ’20s; like you belong in Midnight in Paris 🙂

  13. Bree says:

    I for one, love it. And I know the feeling – not everyone understands us do they – oh well we will follow our hearts and the tide will follow and we will be who we are for ourselves and we are happy when we spring from the shower with a new hair cut.

  14. Kimba Kay says:

    I love it! Very chic. The only thing I would do is thin the ends with either thinning shears or a razor. It’ll fall on your face better because it looks like you have some gorgeous thick hair 🙂

  15. Laura says:

    You are beautiful!

  16. puffpowder says:

    Our fashion sass manager at says your hair cut is super sassy. It works for you 100%.. has crowned you as our newest PuffPowder woman. Welcome! Be sure to subscribe and enter the shopping spree contest and get some free stuff to rock with that new sexy hairdo…

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