Style icon Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi is a eccentric dresser. I admire her avantgarde style. She makes me want to mix a lot of patterns, textures & colors & reminds me to wear whatever I feel like & not always stay safe. For those who are not familiar with her work she is known for a lot fx she used to be editor in chief for Vanity & is a creative consultant & writer for Italian Vogue. She also used to be Karl Lagerfelds muse & they made a book together in the 80´ s.

Anna Piaggi & Karl Lagerfeld above & below

Love this look

Hot! I guess that Vivienne Westwood designed some of these items.

Love her blue hair

Gorgeous photo

I want to look like her when I reach her age.

She looks like she has hundreds of stories to tell. Would just love to meet her  : )

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18 thoughts on “Style icon Anna Piaggi

  1. Dolce Dolce Vita says:

    love her!!!

  2. Kerri says:

    Once nice thing about maturity is the freedom it gives to be yourself and to do what you please. Other people’s opinions, while they matter a little, don’t have the same power to dictate.

  3. There’s always so much to see on her, great!

  4. Wow! She doens’t follow trends. She makes them.

  5. I can only hope to be this fabulous when I’m old!

  6. She is definitely one who could fill an entire day with amazing stories. And I love the last photo you have posted. Quite fantastic.

  7. benbinbenben says:

    Reblogged this on ben * ben and commented:
    she looks like the cildcatcher from broccoli’s ‘chitty chitty bang bang’ but somehow manages maintain her iconic style.

  8. mymcbooks says:

    Thanks for stopping by Fashion Made for Women

  9. I love that she hasn’t lost her look even in her later years. Have always got a kick out of seeing what she wears. And thanks for liking my post on “Jewelry Save Rainforests…”

  10. she’s awesome. loved her insightful and over the top DP editorials!

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