Eastside Westside Genocide

Sorry about the bad joke. I couldn´t help it. When things are very tragic & tense I sometimes joke. Guess I caught that from the husband-as I have mentioned earlier he´s a comedian-& he likes to joke about taboos. Well anyway…yesterday I attended a demonstration in front of my old work: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A group from my ethnic minority gathered to create some attention on the fact that the minority are chased like animals & have been for decades & probably longer. You see we´re actually two minorities in one-a religious minority & ethnic minority-yes that is bad luck. That is like being an African jew or a gay man with dwarfism-I am sorry if I offend you- I am merely talking facts-not saying that anyone are worth less -quite the contrary. When you´re not a part of the norm you often get picked on & in this case people are killed. The minority that I am talking about are called hazaras. They have lived in Afghanistan for centuries & were victims of genocide under the taliban ( and also before ). You probably never heard about this, because it´s all about who has the power to decide what goes in the media. And since hazaras are often poor & illiterate with no power- the government does not care if they live or die, because of the corruption. Yesterday the protest were mostly for the genocide going on in Quetta in Pakistan. You see a part of the minority have been living on the other side of the Afghan border-in Pakistan. For the last 10 years or so it has been a crazy place to live. Hazaras are easily recognized because we don´t look like Pakistanis. We look South Asian. So people are bombed or gunned down because of their ethnicity & religion. It is so sad. I still have family there & I see my mother worry about her friends & family-&  when someone is killed. Since it´s not easy to leave the country & flee ( people are smuggled out if they can pay & the trip is not first class – people often die or are put in jail ) We were there to ask the Danish government to help put pressure on Pakistan so this madness can stop. But I´m pessimistic. It´s like talking to a wall. And the wall as you know doesn´t listen.

Can you imagine being scared of being killed, because of what you are? A thing that you can not control-you are just born that way. Probably not-because when people think genocide-they tend to think of Holocaust-like it´s the only time it happened. It is happening right now & to a lot of different people in different countries. So sad. Enough with the hate & hatecrimes-it´s really getting old.

Since you read the entire post I am giving you a treat: A nice fashion picture-since it is a fashion blog.

They make such a cute couple: Zoe Kravitz & Penn Badgley at Coachella. You´re welcome ; )

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10 thoughts on “Eastside Westside Genocide

  1. mikeormsby says:

    Good post, Monica, and nice that you added a free pic at the end : ) that’s funny.

    I first learned about the hazara’s dilemma from the book ‘The Kite Runner’, which became a film. Worth reading if you have not done so, although I’m not sure it deserves all the hype, the story doesn’t convince (me) in the second section, but the first half, until the hero > USA, is good.

    Here’s another book that might interest you, a real eye-opener on Pakistan, a book voted among the ‘Best of 2011’ by The Economist. You can get a free sample from Amazon if you own a Kindle…


    have a good day. the wall is listening (well, a little brick at least).

    Are you on the Book of Faces? If so, let’s be friends….? i will search.

    • monicaali says:

      Glad you liked the post. I have read the kiterunner & loved it-lots of tears fell during the reading. My father told me about the problems so i recognized some of the story in the kiterunner. I agree that the end is a little too happy & American. But with all the tragedy it was kind of comforting. Thank you for the booktip-I will definitely check it out. I am on facebook-kukkuk.me : )

  2. It’s really sad that the old idea of “I am better than you because of what I am” is still so prevalent in a world with so many different kinds of people. Imagine if we were all the same? Sounds pretty boring, huh? Instead of judging, killing and trying to change people into what we think they should be, we should learn to accept and appreciate our differences. We should take the time to explore other cultures instead of fearing them. We cannot assume responsibility for the rest of the world. Only ourselves. Therefore, your opinion of how other cultures worship, eat, work and play is not for anyone to change. As soon as we accept that truth, the world will begin to improve.

    • monicaali says:

      I so agree-well said. We should look at what we have in common instead as we always have more in common than differences.

  3. Mark says:

    I didn’t know about half this stuff because of UK media/news bias – thanks for educating me. It’s atrocious that people should live in fear.

  4. Good post, and well worth highlighting the issues!

  5. e1aine says:

    Excellent post. Yes the media chooses what we know traditionally, but posts like these educate as well as entertain. Well done, I had not heard about this before.

    Without wishing to sound shallow I thought the shorts at the end were really nice too.

    • monicaali says:

      I am really glad that you enjoyed it- I was wondering how it would be recieved since it´s mainly a fashion & art blog. I also love the shorts-hahaha

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