May 1st

Yesterday summer came to Copenhagen & since May 1st is a almost national holiday I spent most of the day outside. It´s only an almost national holiday, because it´s labour day & so ofcourse the private sector are in their offices, but schools are off. As a kid I used to spent labour day with my father in a park in Copenhagen called Fælledparken. Here all the labour(ish) political parties-here called red wing ( blue is more conservative & capitalist)   & there are concerts, speeches, food all over the place, a lot of beer & good vibes. I loved it & when I got older I was at the skatepark ( also in Fælledparken) -there were dj´s & a lot of partying going on. Always a fabulous day. Yesterday I went to my local park instead & brought the kids. I needed some peace & quietness. But I will have to introduce them to labour day next year or so. It´s still an important day in my opinion. Both my parents came to Denmark without an education & worked their butts off-& still do. I feel it´s my duty to make sure that people like them & people who are less fortunate or wealthy can go to the hospital & their children are able to attend all the same schools as more wealthy children. Both my husband & I have masters degrees so we are safe, but I am happy to pay taxes so everyone can have an acceptable life. & the concerts in Fælledparken are still great  ; )

Pic from yesterday. Blankets, sun, Gucci bag & New Balance sneakers. Great day!


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5 thoughts on “May 1st

  1. CokaRabbit says:

    Nominated for the sunshine awards!! Congrats!

  2. I am so jealous of that bag! 🙂

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