I´m not a church

But I use to be a church called Nikolaj. Now I´m Nikolaj the contemporary artcenter & I love it.

I live downtown Copenhagen & I am surrounded by amazing artmuseum-lucky me! I went to Nikolaj contemporary artcenter & the artist Mie Olise´s exhibition “The silent station” was on the menu.

Artist Mie Olise is educated at Central St. Martins in London & has a very impressive CV.

The artcenter kept the organ. It adds some soul to the place.

The trainstation was huge. And all over the big room you could hear a lot of different voices from a lot of different speakers. It was very much alive even though my friend & I were alone in there. It was supposed to reflect different people who were crossing paths. She combined reality with fiction. It was really cool & very complex.

One of Mie Olises paintings.

Me sitting on the stairs taking shots of the trainstation.

For more on Mie Olise look here.

Btw if you´re in Copenhagen there is a stocksale today & tomorrow: Soulland & Libertine Libertine. I wish I could be there! It´s Gl. Kongevej 39D from 11am-20pm.

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4 thoughts on “I´m not a church

  1. This reminds me of what they did to a missionary school here now called Chjimes, but its converted to a place of lifestyle destination of small shops, restaurants, cafés and a place to hold church weddings > http://www.chijmes.com.sg 🙂

    • monicaali says:

      That sounds so cool! In Denmark a lot of churches will shut down in a couple of years & people are discussing what to do with them. I think that is an exellent choice.

  2. Mario de la Cruz says:

    Love your NB! 🙂

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