New brand on the way

I hope you all had a great weekend. I was at our summerhouse. We always do as little as possible like go to the beach, let the girls run around in the garden, go to the nearby fleamarket or work a bit in the garden. We always think that we get some peace & quietness up there, but there is always someone hanging out with their chainsaw or lawnmower nearby. But it´s nice & green with all our organic fruittrees.

Image from my backyard. Lovely isn´t?!

Oh btw a new brand asked me if I was interested in showing some of their stuff here on the blog. I would always like to help out if I feel a connection. As an independent blogger I feel strongly about showing only what I like & appreciate on my blog. So now I am waiting to see if we are a match : )



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6 thoughts on “New brand on the way

  1. Congratulations on the proposal Monica!
    Hope it turns out well, otherwise there is me to approach you 😉

  2. njpie says:

    Wow, wish I had something that pretty in my back garden!

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