Wake up Denmark! Rita Ora is here.

Sometimes I feel that danes live under a rock when it comes to music. Why haven´t danish radiostations introduced me to Rita Ora yet? I kept seeing her pictures on the web & then i finally took the time to sit down and listen & watch. Her voice is amazing & her style is hot! Kind of Rihanna-also her looks actually. I especially like “Hot right now” that she did with Drum & Bass + Dub step dj-DJ FRESH (the track is 6 months old & i hear about it now?!!! ). I love drum & bass- such a crazy energy ( husband is also a drum & bass + jungle dj & it´s all we listen to at home at the moment). British Rita is under Roc nations wing-so she is working with some of the industry´s finest. If you don´t know who she is yet-check it out & her beautiful pics right here:





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15 thoughts on “Wake up Denmark! Rita Ora is here.

  1. Ok, I have never heard of this chick, and I:
    a. LOVE her style!
    b. Have to go listen to her music.
    If you think Danes live under a rock, try Americans. lol 🙂

  2. alicejoanne says:

    Her style inspires me so much – I bought a hat very similar to the one in the first picture!


    ^ You can see it there.

    Definitely glad I live in England so I’ve been introduced to her! 🙂 xo

  3. Hey, this pop princess has a great style, the photographs are gorgeous too : especially the “black and white” (hey, thanks for liking my “Michael Jackson” post !) shot where she’s smiling. Have a great day (it’s sunny here, in Marseilles, France) !!!

  4. Kimba Kay says:

    Great call; her style totally reminds me of rhianna. She still has her own style though. I’m going to have to listen to her now 🙂

    • alicejoanne says:

      There’s actually a lot of suspicion that Rihanna changed her style to this and made her hair blonde and curly because she knew that Rita Ora would be coming on the scene soon – sorta like a pre-emptive strike to make it seem like Rita was copying her style. Food for thought anyway!
      I love both of them, but I think Rita edges it!

  5. Some say she’s an Rihanna alternative, I’ll wait a while become I even try labeling her. I’m curious to see where things go with her.

    • monicaali says:

      I do agree. I think people like to put her in a box because they look kind of the same at the moment. I am sure it will change soon. She´s got something I really like-something different.

  6. StyleJumble says:

    She’s awesome…and so beautiful! Love her style. And if you haven’t heard her song “R.I.P” yet with Tinie Tempah you really should. I think Drake actually wrote it for Rihanna who didn’t want it so Rita got it and made the song so good!

  7. MODELedMinds says:

    Reblogged this on MODELed Minds and commented:
    Absolutely ❤

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