My weekend

My oldest daughter gave me this as a mothers day gift. She is my little artist.

Did you have a nice weekend? I had such a great time.I was at my moms all weekend. Yesterday she invited my in laws & we had such a great time. My mother is the best cook. She is really good at the in Indian/Pakistani kitchen, which she grew up with & the Danish kitchen, because she used to cook for the elderly for many years. & my lovely cousin made a delicious raspberry cheesecake.


Anyway yesterday my mother, sister & I were up until late at night, because we had some planning to do. My sister is getting married!!!! & she has her wedding coming up in about two months! It´s crazy to me that my little sis is getting married, but I am so happy that she found this great guy. But it is also a really big deal to me, because she is moving to Canada where her soon to be husband lives. I am going to miss her so much. I realized that yesterday when we were planning-before I was just thinking that it is awesome that I get to go to Canada a lot from now on-haha.

It is going to be a traditional Pakistani wedding, because he is also hazara from Pakistan (so is my mother). There is going to be so many amazing outfits & I can´t wait. My family are really on point when it comes to contemporary Pakistani fashion. My outfit is being made in Karachi, Pakistan where one of my cousin lives & I  can´t wait to show you guys. My sister gave me the permission to take pictures for the blog so you can have a peak & see what is going on at a quite different kind of wedding.

Btw Saw this “add” today in a Pakistani magazine & liked it.

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2 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. Such a cute gift 🙂

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