More pretty stuff in Copenhagen

A couple of days ago I met up with a friend I studied with at the university. We met at my local library, which is also the central library in Copenhagen. It has just recently been renovated & is now more cool than ever. Have a look inside:

There are several floors & a lot of nice places to hang out while reading, studying or playing with your kids. There are even instruments you can play without bothering other guests.

Loving the ceiling.

Nice furniture

Eames chairs & chunky black hard wood tables.

Outside you can park your bike & here a cool girl is also waiting.

Across the street is a synagoge. The conservative jews use this one. It has also just been renovated. It´s very beautiful inside.

As you can see the synagoge is a few meters behind the neighboring building. This is because buildings that represent religious minorities are not allowed to be as visible as the protestant churches. But as you can see the synagoge is far from invisible even though it´s 5 meters behind the other buildings.

The same street has a lot of cool shops. This is the entrance of Henrik Vibskovs shop & you can also find great shops like “Another Nué”, Carhartt & the cool vintage store “Times up”.

So as you can see this is a street worth visiting if you are in Copenhagen. The library is the place to have a nice break. Here you can sit down & rest your feet, use the restroom, read a international magazines & newspapers without paying. & the surroundings are beautiful-& there is a café is you need a bite or a cup of tea.

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8 thoughts on “More pretty stuff in Copenhagen

  1. Love the library, LOVE the synagogue ~ the hebrew inscription in gold just shines!

  2. alannajosie says:

    So beautiful! I am hoping to visit Copenhagen in early February – I am so excited!

    • monicaali says:

      It´s freezing in February, but then there are many places to visit to get some shelter-like the library : )

      • alannajosie says:

        Well I will be going after a seemingly endless summer for a year in Kolkata, India, and it will be before I return home to NZ, so I think that the freezing temperatures will be delightful 🙂

      • monicaali says:

        Then you will love it : ) I sure do!

  3. shin says:

    love love those post modern furniture.

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