Danish artist: Huskmitnavn ( translates to Remembermyname)

The Danish artist Husk mit navn started out as a graffiti artist & then he started making little funny posters that he put up around the city. Often with sarcastic remarks. One of his firsts very popular posters was the “winter penis”.

Still makes me smile.

“Take everything for granted”

“For the value”

“Say no to war” “Yes”

“The starving children in Africa are thinking about you as well!

A barock character in a Danish park.

Huskmitnavn in Ramallah.


This says:” Patience, you will catch something big.” LOL

Huskmitnavn in New York

Love his stuff-it´s so unique.

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16 thoughts on “Danish artist: Huskmitnavn ( translates to Remembermyname)

  1. (((LOL))) Sarcastic but oh-so-true so very often!

  2. Mario de la Cruz says:

    we post his works too!! great artist!
    if you want to check it http://causeineedit.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/huskmitnavn/ 🙂

  3. StyleJumble says:

    Hahaha I love that!!

  4. I love it !!! Thank you for introducing me to this great (and funny) artist and for liking my “Ron Arad” post !!!

  5. EM Vireo says:

    ‘it’s so not funny’ is pretty damn funny

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