Michele Lamy

Michele Lamy is one of the most interesting looking women I can think off. I love her look. The darkness, her wardrobe which is full of Rick Owens items ( oh my God- think of all her leather jackets!!!) her gold teeth, her tattoos, her hands & arms!!!! The way she uses accessories on her arms & hands is a huge inspiration.

Love it

Notice the ink stains on her fingers-I find it brilliant.

Her tattoos on her fingers are beautiful. So many people are having tattoos on their fingers these days & a lot of them end up looking like a bikers girlfriend.

Who knew that goldteeth could look this good.

Love her individuality & her sense of style. Michele Lamy with her husband Rick Owens.

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11 thoughts on “Michele Lamy

  1. What I really love is the Egyptian/ Gothic ritualistic Pharoah vibe in what she wears. So amazing.

  2. Wow fede billeder 😉

  3. I love her look – especially the jewellery! What an inspiration.

  4. isabellart says:

    She is fantastic !

  5. munachik says:

    She does look very cool.

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