Canadian singer Grimes ( Claire Boucher ) is not a new artist, but just now she think she found the right path for her so her new album from this march; is sort of a debut album for her. She recorded it in her room where she stayed for three weeks. Her roomate made sure she got some food, but she had no contact with the world outside her room. Like many artists she feeds from the dark side. Many artist feel that it´s easier to do art when feeling down so that´s why she isolated herself. She had been feeling down so she felt like it was a good way of working with her feelings. I don´t think any doctors would recommend it though-you could actually really hurt yourself that way-but anyway she made a great album & she is really getting popular on the fashion industry as well. If you watch her video Oblivion (to me sounds a little like Madonna in the 80´s) you will immediately see why.

She used to be picked on for looking weird, not shaving her legs or doing her brows-but she choose not to as a feminist statement. She used to hang with a crowd in Montreal where all they did was make music even if it often sounded really bad. They key was just to have fun. Grimes sounds really different. It´s pop, but with an edge. Her voice sounds like she´s an elf-in a good way. Now she is signed & has toured with Swedish Lykke Li ( awesome woman-might do a post about her sometime).

& by the way she named herself after artist Ken Grimes as a tribute. Ken Grimes is known for painting things that has to do with space like UFO´s & aliens. Ken Grimes is also known for his mental illness as he has the diagnosis schizophrenia probably because it´s common for people with the diagnosis to believe that aliens exists ( Ken Grimes believes in aliens) or that they have seen God when they are feeling very sick-people with this diagnosis are able to recover & live a “normal” life. I could write forever about this subject. I believe it is very important to view people with mental illness´ as people & not as schizophrenic as they are not necessarily sick all the time. They can have a family & a full time job & live like the rest of us….Well back to the singer Grimes  she is gorgeous & has designed some awful rings. She got tired of regular rings with big rocks so she made some big plastic rings that looks like a vagina-ewwww. I see her point, but they are not for me. But I feel that way about other artists as well. I respect them & can fully relate to their thoughts, but I am not necessarily liking their art. Take fx Hornsleth-often very vulgar-but the thoughts behind I can relate to very much.

Below are more pictures of Grimes aka Claire Boucher, her vulva rings & some of Ken Grimes art, which is really awesome btw.

U digg?!

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12 thoughts on “Grimes

  1. njpie says:

    I saw a pic of this girl ages ago but it didn’t have a caption – I’ve been trying to figure out who she is – so major thank you! xx

  2. vagranttraveler says:

    Sounds like her music is pretty cool. And in regards to being made fun of for all the things she DIDN’T do in school, it clearly doesn’t matter now because she’s ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Good for her! 🙂

  3. Love love love her! And her music; I just got into her very recently, so thanks for posting all her background info – just more uniqueness to make me love her!

    ❤ Anjou

  4. SHe is extremely expressive! Oh i would love to photograph someone like her.

  5. christinamv says:

    Her music is awesome! I love her video “Oblivion”

  6. Vicky Jo Lee says:

    Could you please give me some sort of link/page where I can listen to her? 🙂

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