I love this. I like that it´s all about that you have to work hard & sometimes think out of the box to get what you want in your life. I didn´t get my masters degree by thinking that I could do it if I wanted to. I went out & did the hard work. It´s so easy to sit back & say that you could do this & that- cause it only counts if you go out & do it. It´s not all about skills & brains. It´s also very much about willpower, energy & hard hard work.

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14 thoughts on “Hilarious!

  1. Brilliant! This is so true… sometimes the simplest idea can change the world, but it’s the work behind the idea that makes it so.

  2. Joe Lombardo says:

    what a great post! thanks for sharing this and your thoughts. I emphatically agree!

  3. I remember hearing this at Louisiana in Denmark when listening to a presentation about Andy Warhol. Basically everyone could create the art he created, yet only Andy Warhol did. Genius.

    • monicaali says:

      It must have been so interesting to listen to & so true about Andy Warhol. So creative of him, but still so simple.I love Louisiana! One of my favorite spots. It´s beautifully located & filled with lovely art-& food ; )

  4. Kirstiie says:

    Ha, very true :).

    And thank you for following 🙂

    Kirstiie @ Tribe of Mannequins

  5. styleggirl says:

    Outside the box :-))))!!!!

  6. tanyacolaco says:

    Haha, it definitely is very true, and very inspirational in a way. Great post!

  7. That’s very true. Nothing is anything without hard work! (That sounds really confusing, sorry.)

  8. beautiful…sometimes modern art is so cute!!! baciii

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