Distortion street festival this week!!!!

Okay enough with dilemmas for now, because this week is the week of Distortion street festival in Copenhagen. It all about crazy parties in the streets & this year there are also parties all night ( in a closed place so the citizens that choose not to play can have some sleep). There are parties in three parts of Copenhagen: downtown where I live, Nørrebro & Vesterbro. There are dj´s & musicians performing & crazy many people. I love it.


As you can see it´s organized chaos. There are also two parties for children also with music & there will be artists painting with the children. My oldest already has a spot reserved for her so she can paint with a pro. She is estatic to paint with a known artist as she loves art. I requested for her to paint with artist Mie Olise or artist Sarah Hvass. As you can tell I am just as exited. I have written about Mie Olise earlier here. Btw if you are going & haven´t bought a bracelet yet-please do as it helps the festival continue next year-there are a lot of cleaning up so they need to rent a crew to do the job. It´s not fair to leave it to the people that clean the streets on a daily basis. I will ofcourse take a lot of pictures at the events-it´s filled with gorgeous people that knows how to dress. So stay tuned it all starts this wednesday!

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9 thoughts on “Distortion street festival this week!!!!

  1. ((((Have loads of fun Monica))))
    Can’t wait to ‘experience’ the event through your eyes 😉

  2. Katerina A says:

    Hi Monica, loving your posts. Thank you for following me, I have now changed over to a hosted site and would love to know if my posts are still coming through to you. If not any chance you can come over and follow. Thanks babe. Katerina xx http://www.katerinaa.com

  3. jackiesshc says:

    This looks amazing! You and your gang look like my kind of people!

  4. GrayFoxDown says:

    I visited Copenhagen many years ago (1973!). Have to get there again. Thanks for posting.

    • monicaali says:

      Wow-so much have changed since then. You should revisit. I don´t know a place like Copenhagen that changes all the time.

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