What´s in Monica´s bag

Inside my Gucci bag are all my essentials:

Michael Blake´s ultimate all time classic: “Dances with Wolves”

Purse: Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

Prada LG phone

screwdriver-one can never get enough of those.



lollipops-sometimes I have to bribe my children into staying quiet & these organic ones do the trick

candy wrapper

reciepts from Netto ( supermarket) & Silvan ( DIY center)

p.s I am not weird-just sarcastic. Kevin Costner just looked 90´s fab & the story will never ever be considered a classic. ( I got it for free at a fleamarket), I don´t carry screwdrivers & this is just my way of commenting on the fact that bloggers edit out all the trash they have in their bags & add some fancy stuff they don´t carry in their bags.

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13 thoughts on “What´s in Monica´s bag

  1. A screwdriver? LOL!!! In singapore, if you are found with a screwdriver, you are definitely gonna get interrogated for that 😦

    • monicaali says:

      it´s just a joke ; )

    • monicaali says:

      it´s just a joke & I don´t consider Dances with Wolves a classic-LOL .Just my way of commenting on those pictures with perfectly selected stuff when we all know that inside a woman´s bag are tons of reciepts, purse, phone & all kinds of stuff.

      • LOL!! Okay, i get it ;P
        Mine would definitely include a plastic bag of disposable spoons, antiseptic hand spray, paper bowls, cat treats and 2 cans of food for any stray cats we encounter on the street, serious.
        Other than that, its a total mess of ‘essentials’ that run amok inside!

      • monicaali says:

        Hahaha-You’re bag is funnier than my imaginary one! But seriously – it’s so sweet that you bring catfood : )

  2. tclhu says:

    Thank you thank you for liking our post! do follow us back 🙂

  3. Me again with an award for all your stimulating creative posts – the Kreativ blogger award 😀

  4. LOVE THAT THERE’S A SCREWDRIVER IN THE BAG!!!! hehehe kak funny shit

  5. ayoliag says:

    hahaha I haven hand sanitizer, needle, thread, band aids, safety pins, tape measure….hahahahah yea!! My bag is scary!

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